IMG_2299William Friskey was born December 31, 1977 in upstate New York. His family moved around quite a bit, but the majority of his childhood was spent in Schenectady, NY. He graduated from Schenectady High School in June of 1995 and immediately entered the work force instead of going to Buffalo State University as he had originally planned.

Friskey soon moved to Connecticut to be with the love of his life, who he later married, and began to quickly move up the corporate ladder at a major financial institution. Years of frustration with the banking world and its dishonesty led him to find a career that had meaning. He began working full time evenings and weekends so he could attend Southern Connecticut State University full time on weekdays with the goal of becoming a high school English teacher. It was there that he was first introduced to the world of YA fiction. His wife gave birth to his first child, a little girl, during his first semester as a student at Southern.

After graduating from Southern in 2007, he began teaching at a high school in Connecticut where he remains today. His second child, a son, was born during his first semester working as a teacher. He teaches American literature, creative writing, fiction, poetry, and journalism while advising the school’s newspaper and yearbook. Finally fulfilled with his career, he was prepared to enroll in a graduate program in educational technology when fate came calling.

A postcard from Western Connecticut State University’s MFA in Creative and Professional Writing brought him back to an old passion he thought was dead–writing. With two immature screen plays behind him and an unfinished novel wasting away on his hard drive, Friskey took his chances and enrolled. He graduated the program in the spring of 2011.

William Friskey is currently seeking representation for his novels, Scout’s Honor and The House on Bittersweet Trail. He is currently working on a Christian YA book called All We Know of Heaven. He lives in Southeastern Connecticut with his wife and two children and continues to teach at the same high school there. He attends the Niantic Community Church where he was baptized on June 17, 2012.


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