Too Close

I’m getting so close to being done with revisions on my novel that I thought I would waste time blogging instead of working on it. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I’m too close to being done. Finishing the rewrites just means it’s time for one last line edit–catch all the typos and all that. And that’s so boring!

I always get ahead of myself. I know nailing this story, this character’s arc, is what’s important now, but I can’t help but thinking of the what ifs. What if this gets published? This is my first work of Christian YA. What if this is the one–and it very well could be–that gets published first. Am I stuck at that point? Can I write other things?

I know the answer is write what you feel and the rest will take care of itself, but I’m not really the letting things take care of themselves kind of guy. I plan my planning. That’s me. I have ideas for about eight different novels that I could dive right into next summer, but none of them are compatible with Christian literature. They could be. But should they? And what about what I’ve already written? If All We Know of Heaven gets published, does that mean I should add a Christian element to those?

How easy is it to get “type cast,” and how important is it as far as marketing yourself? I’m too close to finishing this novel to be wasting my time worrying about this kind of thing. In fact, I’ve got so much to worry about in my life, there is no room for this bologna.

Yet here I am blogging about it. God help me!


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