Patience Pays?

I’m finding lately that when it comes to my writing, I’m very impatient. I just want it to be done. No matter what I write, from a short poem to a novel length manuscript, I want to have a perfect final product now, not later. It’s not being lazy. I work like a dog getting the draft done.

But now that I have a draft of a novel, and I’ve knocked out a round of revisions to catch a bunch of big issues, the finer points of revision seem just too daunting. It’s not that I don’t want to do them. It’s that I’ve imagined them already, and I just want them to be done so I can start querying.

I’ve already got the agency picked out, read their requirements, am starting to envision the pitch, and started writing the synopsis. I can’t help it. I’m like the pregnant woman getting close to the due date.

“Just get this thing out of me!”

I’m wondering why all this is and if it is common. I’ve read other writers talk about the revision process being “where the magic happens” and as “the exciting part of writing.” I don’t see it that way at all. I just want to be done. I know I have all summer before the pressures of the school year hit, but I can’t help it.

I can’t be the only one that hates the revision process, that just wants to be done already. Am I?

Well, I’m off to revise some more. I’m finding a lot of great places for improvement, which I guess is exciting. And many of the image systems, motifs, and themes are coming together nicely as I make changes. The language is becoming more concise. The characters are becoming more defined. It’s really going very well. Thank goodness for revisions!

The Bipolar train has left the building.


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