Let’s Have a Dream

YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday: In honor of the just ended National Pride Month, what’s your favorite LGBT novel?

I have a confession to make. This one is painful. I have to admit, ashamedly, that I have not read any LGBT novels. Fail. My last two novels include straight protagonists who partake in some homosexual experimentation. I wonder what that means. Perhaps I should ask Dr. Freud. Either way, I can’t answer this question.

I also have to admit that I don’t even know of any LGBT YA novels, so I’m looking forward to the answers from others on this blog post to get some suggestions. I’m going to The Book Barn today, so maybe I’ll pick something up. As a firm believer in being a true ally to the LGBT community at the school at which I teach, I kind of think I should read something on the subject.

So instead, I’m going to take this time to reflect on the Supreme Court decisions of this past week. Without going so far as to create gay marriage for all from sea to shining sea, the court took a bold, yet timid approach, giving federal recognition to marriages in gay marriage states and allowing California to be one of those states. Interesting.

I know this is an occasion to celebrate, but I keep going back to the Civil Rights movement and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was it enough for Dr. King to allow integration and equal rights in the Northern states but not in the South? What was it Dr. King said about “the tranquilizing drug of gradualism?” It seems to me that if we’re going to live up to our creed that “all men are created equal,” we’re going to have to go further.

Dr. King asked the crowd outside the Lincoln Memorial that day almost 50 years ago, “When will you be satisfied?” The answer, of course, was when true equality rang from sea to shining sea–not just in New York, California, and Vermont, but also in Mississippi, South Carolina, and Florida. This issue is no different. Until we have equality for all of every race, religion, nationality, age, social class, and sexual orientation, we just ain’t being the America we advertise.

It’s about time for one of those events in Washington, and it’s about time for a LGBT version of Dr. King to step up and lead the gay community to the promised land. The time is coming. The time is near. The time has come for another dream to be realized. And as Dr. King said so well all those years ago, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


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